Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Alerus request email addresses for plan participants?

Plans have customarily required participants to provide basic information at the time of enrollment, including a postal address. As the world has evolved digitally, an email address provides a more efficient point of contact than a physical address. Beginning in 2022, Alerus has complied with the DOL regulations for electronic delivery of quarterly statements. Email addresses are essential, like the requirement for a physical address.

How do I submit employee email addresses to Alerus?

You can send email addresses to Alerus in one of two ways:

  • Contribution file. Commonly referred to as a payroll file, contribution file structure, or contribution template. This file reports employee indicative information as well as retirement plan contributions and is uploaded through Contribution Submission. Both company and personal email addresses should be included in separate columns on this file. For more information about adding columns, contact your Alerus representative.
  • Standalone file. A standalone file is used by employers who manually enter participant contributions into the Alerus system. We will provide an Excel file template for the employer to populate with employee indicative data, including company and personal email addresses. The completed file is then uploaded via Employer Plan Access. Thereafter, files should be uploaded as frequently as needed to maintain current email addresses.

What do I need to know about administration regarding past due loans?

Retirement plans may offer participant loan programs within the parameters of the Tax Code and the plan’s loan policy. The loan policy describes loan limitations and repayment processes. Plan sponsors must ensure timely loan payments are made and report defaulted loans to the IRS as taxable distributions.

What is a managed account?

Alerus’ managed account program (MAP) delivers retirement advice directly to participants, helping them navigate retirement with confidence. MAP is much more than an investment solution; it allows participants to prioritize personal goals to deliver a tailored solution. This includes advice on contribution rate and investment strategy to meet participant goals around retirement income range, retirement age, and risk appetite.

To learn more about Alerus Managed Account Program, click here.

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