How To Sign A DocuSign Document

Key Takeaway

When someone sends you a DocuSign document for your electronic signature, you first receive an email from DocuSign sent on behalf of the sender. The following are instructions to complete the signing process.

  1. 1

    Open the email and review the message from the sender. Click REVIEW DOCUMENT to begin the signing process.

  2. 2

    Review the consumer disclosure, and select the checkbox I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures. Click CONTINUE to begin the signing process. Important! To view and sign the documents, you must agree to conduct business electronically.

    Note: To view additional options, click OTHER ACTIONS. For more information of other actions available, please review our Signing Documentation.

  3. 3

    Click the START tag on the left to begin the signing process. You will be taken to the first tag requiring your action. Click the SIGN tag. You will be asked to Adopt Your Signature.

  4. 4

    Verify that your name and initials are correct. If not, change them as needed.

  5. 5

    Do one of the following:

    • Accept the default signature and initial style and go to the next step.
    • Click Change Style and select a different signature option.
    • Click Draw. Draw your signature/initials using a mouse, or your finger or a stylus on a touchscreen.
  6. 6

    Click ADOPT AND SIGN to adopt and save your signature information and return to the document.

  7. 7

    When you finish clicking all signature tags in the document, confirm signing by clicking FINISH. A message will appear stating that you have completed your document. You can download a PDF copy or print a copy of the document. The sender will receive an email with the signed document attached, and the signed document will appear in their DocuSign account.

  8. 8

    Sign up for a DocuSign account ( and save the document in your own account.