Multiple Loan Payment Format

Key Takeaway

The following is a template for uploading contributions with multiple loan payments.

  • Excel (.xls) is the standard file format. If using a payroll software program to extract data, the payroll format indicated below may be submitted in a comma delimited text (.txt) file.
  • The standard naming convention for each loan payment file is your six-digit Alerus account number followed by the actual payroll date in YYMMDD format followed by the word loans (e.g., 123456220811loans.xls).
  • Use the text under the “Description” column as the column headings in the loan payment file. Fields that will not contain data should remain blank.
  • Enter each loan payment in a separate row for an employee.
  • Fields identified as Type “A” are alpha fields, they must be left justified and be in all caps; Fields identified as Type “N” are numeric fields, they must be right justified and cannot contain commas or dollar signs except Column B, this field will contain commas.
AYSOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER9N9(9)Valid employee Social Security Number (no dashes). Example: 123456789
BYLAST NAME, FIRST NAME MI30AX(30)Employee's last name followed by a comma, space, first name, space, and middle initial. Example: DOE, JANE R
CYLOAN NUMBER3N9(3)Employee's 3-digit loan number. Example: 001
DYLOAN PAYMENT AMOUNT10N9(10)Current pay period or reporting period loan payment amount. Example: 25.00
ENDIVISION/LOCATION4AX(4)Employee's division or location if applicable or leave blank.
FYPAYROLL FREQUENCY1N9(1)Enter the employee's payroll frequency. 7=Weekly, 6=Bi-Weekly, 5=Semi-Monthly, 4=Monthly

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