HSA Open Enrollment

Alerus provides employers and employees with access to a robust Resource Center to review information about benefits plans and view instructional and educational videos.

Enrollment forms (for external use only) can be downloaded from the Resources tab on the employer website. If you work with a benefits broker, they may prepare enrollment material for you. We recommend you coordinate with them to ensure all bases are covered and efforts are not duplicated.


  1. Submit new plan year enrollments, coverage level changes, and terminations. New participants must be submitted no later than one month prior to the plan year start date to ensure debit cards are delivered before the start of the new plan year.
  2. Current HSA participants will continue their HSA account participation in the new plan year automatically.

HSA Contribution Limits


HSA contribution limits:

$4,150 Single

$4,300 Single
$8,550 Family

Minimum deductible amounts:

$1,600 Single
$3,200 Family

$1,650 Single
$3,300 Family

Maximum out-of-pocket limits:

$8,050 Single
$16,100 Family

$8,300 Single
$16,600 Family

Annual HSA Contribution Limit – Age 55+ catch-up:



Employee Education Materials

All necessary educational materials are housed on the Alerus Resource Center, including:

Enrolling New Participants

New participants can be enrolled online through the Alerus employer website. For instructions, visit Enrolling HSA Participants.

Data Integration

  • Do not submit enrollment termination dates to Alerus as of the end of the plan year for active participants, either through your file integration or through the employer website. Doing so will cause issues with your benefit program. Alerus automatically tracks the end of your plan year for claim eligibility.
  • If you have file integration with Alerus, and are submitting an open enrollment file, please format your open enrollment file using the following file naming convention: “CompanyCode_PT_EN_DATE_OE”.


If you are interested in setting up data integration between your vendor and Alerus, submit a request through the Alerus Employer Website.

  1. Log into Employer Access.
  2. Select Requests from the left side menu, then click New Request.
  3. From the dropdown, choose Other and click Next.
  4. Enter Request Details:
    • Name of Vendor
    • Vendor Contact Name
    • Vendor Contact Email
    • Type of File Feeds: Demographic, Enrollment, and/or Contribution (Payroll)
  5. Click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email when the information has been received.