Manual Enrollment Entry

Key Takeaway

Instructions for manually entering employee elections through the Alerus employer site.

Import Instructions

  1. 1

    Log into My Alerus.

  2. 2

    Go to the Employees tab and search for an employee.

    • Or click +New Employee to add a new employee.
    • Enter the employee’s required personal information and click Add Employee.
  3. 3

    Click the Enrollments link, then +New Enrollment.

  4. 4

    Select the plan year you want to enter the enrollment for and then click Next.

  5. 5

    Select the plan you want to add the election for and click Next.

  6. 6

    Select the desired payment method and click Next.

  7. 7

    Enter the Effective Date and Election Amount, then click Submit.

  8. 8

    Repeat steps 5-8 to enroll the employee in any additional benefits.