Standard Payroll Format

Key Takeaway

The following is a template for uploading standard payroll contributions.

  • Excel (.xls) is the standard file format. If using a payroll software program to extract data, the payroll format indicated below may be submitted in a comma delimited text (.txt) file.
  • The standard naming convention of each file is your six-digit Alerus account number followed by the actual payroll date in YYMMDD format (e.g., 123456220811.xls).
  • Use the text under the “Description” column as the column headings in the file. Fields that will not contain data should remain blank.
  • Enter each employee’s information in one row.
  • When submitting compensation and hours, submit data for all employees – participating and non‐participating.
  • Fields identified as Type “A” are alphabetic and must be left justified and in all caps. Fields identified as Type “N” are numeric, must be right justified, and cannot contain commas or $.
  • For assistance in determining which contribution source columns to use (columns Q – X), please call your account administrator at 800.433.1685.
AYSocial Security Number9N9(9)Valid employee Social Security Number (no dashes). Example: 123456789
BEmployee's last name, comma, space, first name, space, middle initial. Example: DOE, JANE R
YLast Name, First Name MI30AX(30)Employee’s last name, comma, space, first name, space, middle initial. Example: DOE, JANE R
If submitting name extensions such as JR or II, employee’s last, space, extension, comma, space, first name, space, middle initial. Example: DOE JR, JOHN R
CYStreet Address 140AX(40)Employee's first address line.
DYStreet Address 240AX(40)Employee's second address line.
EYCity28AX(28)Employee's city of residence.
FYState3AX(3)Employee’s 2‐digit abbreviated state code or 3‐digit province abbreviation. Follow postal codes.
GYZip + 49AX(9)Employee's 5- or 9-digit zip code (no dash).
HNDivision/ Location4AX(4)Employee's division or location, if applicable, or leave blank.
IYDate of Birth8NYYYYMMDDEmployee's date of birth (no dashes or slashes).
JYOriginal Date of Hire8NYYYYMMDDEmployee's original date of hire (no dashes or slashes).
KNDate of Eligibility8NYYYYMMDDEmployee's date of eligibility as defined by Plan Document
LYDate of Rehire8NYYYYMMDDEmployee's date of rehire (no dashes or slashes).
MYDate of Term8NYYYYMMDDEmployee's date of termination (no dashes or slashes).
NYYear-To-Date Hours8N9(8)Cumulative hours worked include holiday, vacation, sick, overtime, and double‐time. Example: 1020.50
ONYear-To-Date Gross Compensation15N9(15) Cumulative gross W‐2 earnings before employee deferral. Gross W‐2 earnings include regular pay, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, bonuses, commissions, and overtime. Do not include severance pay paid after an employee’s termination date. Example: 1234.56
PNYear-To-Date Excluded Compensation15N9(15)Cumulative excluded compensation as outlined in your plan document (e.g., bonuses, commissions, etc.).Example: 500.00
QNEmployee Deferral10N9(10)Current period employee pre-tax deferral amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
RNEmployee Roth Deferral10N9(10)Current period employee Roth after-tax deferral amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
SNEmployer Match10N9(10)Current period employer match amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
TNEmployer Discretionary10N9(10)Current period employer discretionary amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
UNEmployee After Tax Deferrals10N9(10)Current period employee after-tax (not Roth) deferral amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
VNSafe Harbor Profit Sharing10N9(10)Current period safe harbor profit sharing amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
WNSafe Harbor Match10N9(10)Current period safe harbor match amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
XNPension10N9(10)Current period pension amount. Example: 100.00 – if applicable
YNLoan Payments10N9(10)Current period loan payment amount. Example: 25.00
If your plan allows multiple loans, submit loan payments under a separate file using the Multiple Loan Payment Format on the next page. Leave this field blank if using the multiple loan payment format.
ZYPayroll Frequency1N9(1)Enter the employee's payroll frequency. 7=Weekly, 6=Bi-Weekly, 5=Semi-Monthly, 4=Monthly

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