Participant Email Submission

Key Takeaway

In order to provide electronic delivery of important participant communications, we need participant email addresses. Alerus collects email addresses from participants when they log into their accounts. We flag these email addresses as “personal” and will always use the personal email for electronic notices when available. However, not all participants log in to their accounts, therefore we need you to provide us with an email address. Below are two ways to submit this information. The preferred method is via payroll file to ensure we have current emails. Please contact your Alerus representative if you have questions.

Submitting Via Payroll File

  1. 1

    Add the participant email address field as the last column in your payroll file.

  2. 2

    Notify your Alerus representative when the file has been changed and provide them with the column letter where the addresses are held.

No test file is needed. The structure that is used to process your file will be updated to ensure the participant email addresses are imported into our recordkeeping system.

Submitting Via Separate File

(alternative if unable to submit via payroll file)

  1. 1

    Contact your Alerus representative to obtain a template for the file format.

  2. 2

    Submit the completed file to Alerus as follows:

    • Log in to the sponsor website.
    • From Manage My Files in the left side menu, click Submit Files.
    • File Type: Select Participant Email Addresses from the drop-down menu.
    • Document Name: a short description of the file: Create a document name, for example, Participant Email Addresses.
    • Your information covers the period between: Enter file date
    • Select File: the location of the file you are uploading: Click Browse to select your file.
    • Click Upload to submit the file.

Upon receipt of the file, Alerus will import the addresses into our recordkeeping system. Upload files as frequently as needed to update and/or change addresses.