Electronic Fulfillment Services

Key Takeaway

Delivery of plan information in a timely, secure, and eco-friendly manner. Alerus has designed a single-source, fully digital retirement plan experience for the ease of both you and your participants. From enrollment to distribution, Alerus’ digital tools offer a streamlined and integrated approach for plan administration to provide your human resources department with simple, efficient processes. The easy digital experience also extends to your participants with real-time account access and financial-focused digital tools.

One component of our digital offerings is electronic fulfillment services. With this option, Alerus will provide participants with electronic availability to access important plan information.

Alerus uses email to notify the participant that information has been posted online for their review. We do not send confidential information to participants via email. The email will provide the participant with log-in instructions including web navigation and they will use their unique log-in credentials to access documents.

With electronic fulfillment services, Alerus will email the following required annual notices to participants:

  • Automatic enrollment
  • Safe harbor
  • Summary annual report
  • QDIA
  • Participant fee disclosure

Alerus will also email the following notices, as required, to participants:

  • Summary of material modifications
  • Fund change
  • Summary plan description
  • Blackout notice

The plan sponsor will remain responsible for:

  • Initial notification of participant plan entry, including documents required for eligibility
  • Updating participant email addresses via contribution file
  • Submitting list of new entrants to Alerus — for plans with online enrollment


The use of email to deliver information to plan participants has many benefits to both plan sponsors and participants:


The most apparent benefit of email notices is the speed at which they are delivered, compared to traditional postal mail.


Having the participant retrieve from our secure website using their unique login credentials is secure. Alerus employs advanced multi-factor authentication technology to protect a user’s access and account. Alerus takes all reasonable security measures as directed by the Department of Labor’s E-Delivery Rule.


A participant can retrieve their statement via a secure website, from any computer, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Furthermore, they can retrieve information at a time that is convenient for them.


Avoiding paper copies and physical mailings is beneficial to our planet.

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