Repayments Report

A Repayments report listing claim repayments in all methods and statuses is automatically generated each week for the prior week date range.

You may also generate a Repayments report with a custom date range from the Reports section of your employer website:

  • Click on Reports > +New Report > Repayments.
  • Select report settings.
    • File Type
    • Time (date range)
    • Group (divisional repost organization)
    • Type
    • Options
      • Repayment Method
        • All (view all repayment types)
      • Repayment Status
        • All (view claims in every repayment status)
        • Pending (view only unsubstantiated claims)

Once the report is available it will appear under your Reports list as Repayments with the date range you selected. The other Repayments reports listed are the automated reports generated for each weekly date range.

In reviewing the report, depending upon the format you select, you can view repayment detail starting on page 2 (PDF format) or on sheet 2 (Excel format). Claim transactions listed on the Repayments report under the Checks section with status Pending are the claims with outstanding substantiation.