Understanding Your Statement

Key Takeaway

Highlighted below are various sections of a sample participant statement. Sections may vary depending on the features available in your plan. For information regarding your specific plan, contact your plan sponsor.

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  1. 1


    The date range for this statement period including your account activity for this calendar quarter.

  2. 2

    Your Personal Rate of Return

    The calculation is specific to your portfolio and reflects your return for the reporting period or from the date Alerus began servicing your plan, whichever is later.

Call Center Info

  1. 3

    Account Summary

    Detail is for the date range listed; unless otherwise noted. The activity is for the quarter only and does not represent cumulative data. Vested Balance is the portion of your balance owned should you terminate employment; it is also specific to the contribution source.

    Your Account Summary

  2. 4

    Message Center

    Review this section for timely news and information. This section may include changes to your statement.

    Message Center

  3. 5

    Summary by Source

    Provides periodic summary by source, including contributions for the reporting period, year-to-date, and an ending balance.

  4. 6

    Loan Summary for the Period

    This section will appear if you have an outstanding balance.

    Summary By Source

  5. 7

    Account Summary By Fund

    Summary of activity by fund for the reporting period.

    Account Summary By Fund