Online Enrollment

Key Takeaway

The following are instructions for enrolling online. Not all plans have online enrollment, see your enrollment materials or contact your plan sponsor for details about your plan.

Log In

  1. Log into My Alerus.
  2. The first time you log in, you will need to set up online access. Follow the prompts to set up and validate your account. Once sign up is complete, click the Log in button and enter your new credentials. You will then be redirected to online enrollment.
  3. Depending on the features of your plan, you will either be directed to the Simple Start enrollment or you may see two or more of the following options.

Simple Start

Simple Start is a four-step process that makes it easy to enroll in your retirement plan.

It’s as simple as deciding how much to contribute each pay period, building your investment portfolio with the help an investor questionnaire, and designating a beneficiary.

Alerus Managed Account Program

If your plan offers this option, you can craft a personalized investment plan managed by Alerus.

Click on Financial Wellness and then select the Retirement Planning workout. Complete the workout and click Choose Suggested Plan.


If Guided enrollment is available, you can enroll with the help of interactive videos designed to help you understand the plan, salary deferrals, and investment elections.