You and Your HSA

  • It is a trust established in YOUR name.
  • A beneficiary inherits either as an HSA (spouse) or as proceeds (non-spouse).
  • Expenses not covered by your health plan for specific medical conditions are covered.
  • All tax dependent expenses are eligible even if not on your health plan.
  • You can pay a provider directly from your account.
  • You can set up recurring payments in the system.
  • With the HSA benefit, no tax is paid on withdrawals for qualified expenses.
  • No Minimum Required Distribution (MRD).

An HSA is a tax-exempt savings vehicle used to accumulate money for eligible health care expenses. Your HSA may be used to pay for health care expenses as they occur, or the funds may remain in your account until you need them later in life.

Single (Self Only)$3,850$4,150
Family $7,750$8,300
Age 55+An Additional $1,000An Additional $1,000

This maximum contribution amount is indexed for inflation and will be adjusted annually. A married couple both age 55 and older can each contribute and additional $1,000 into their own HSA.


Once enrolled, you may access your account. This one-stop portal provides you with anytime, anywhere access to your HSA allowing you to:

  • Review your account balance, activity, transaction detail, request reimbursements, and view investment details.
  • Access your HSA investment portal including fund performance and prospectus information for the available mutual funds.
  • Access monthly account summary reports.
  • Upload and store itemized receipts for health care expenses to your Expense Tracker.
  • Retrieve your monthly statements and HSA tax forms.

First time users will need your Social Security number, date of birth, and hire month and year to create an account.

  1. 1

    Go to My Alerus and create an account.

  2. 2

    Create a Username and Password and provide a valid email address (future password resets will be verified over email).