Common Data Rejects/Warnings

Common data rejects/warnings and how to resolve them.

Reject Date. Fix date issue on the file and upload again.

  • Date format issues.
  • Words in date column (such as “Terminated” or “Term”).
  • Date of Birth after Date of Hire.
  • Date of Hire after Date of Re-Hire.
  • Date of Birth in the future.

Entered total does not match actual. The amount entered in a source total does not match the total calculated on the uploaded file. The calculated amounts will be listed in the Event Log.

  • Verify totals were entered correctly, adjust as necessary.
  • Verify the correct file was uploaded. Upload a new file if necessary.

Invalid SSN.

  • Any Social Security Number with six or more of the same number is invalid.
  • Any Social Security Number with less than four numbers is invalid.

Participant ID not found. This provides notice that a new participant will be added to the plan. Verify the participant is new and click Next.

Helpful Tool: Use your mouse to hover over a warning to display more information.