Why should I provide email addresses to Alerus?

Use of email to deliver information to plan participants has many benefits to both plan sponsors and participants:

  • Speed. The most apparent benefit of email notices is the speed at which they are delivered, compared to traditional postal
  • Security. Having the participant retrieve their quarterly statement from our secure website using their unique login credentials is Alerus employs advanced multi-factor authentication technology to protect a user’s access and account.
  • Accessibility. A participant can retrieve their statement via the secure website, from any computer, from anywhere in the world that has an internet Furthermore, they can retrieve information at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Eco-friendly. Avoiding paper copies and physical mailings is beneficial to our planet.
  • Minimize lost participants. Recently, the Department of Labor issued a list of best practices for employers to avoid lost One suggested practice is the maintenance of contact via the plan’s online platform. When participants move they may not update their physical address. However, email addresses tend to remain the same. The email contact reduces the chance of a missing participant and the employer’s burden to locate them using other means.

In addition, as employee email addresses are loaded into our recordkeeping system, they are included in many of the reports that are readily available on our website. You can retrieve these reports for your use in communicating via email with plan participants. For example, email addresses will be included in the “Terminated Participants with an Account Balance” report.